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Each month, staffing industry expert Tom Kosnik of Visus Group facilitates regional RoundTable calls on business topics suggested by our members. These discussions serve to promote peer learning and provide a platform for Supplier Partners to share valuable insights. Discussion notes and other resources related to specific topics are available below:

Account Management Business Reviews

Account Management Business Reviews: Notes, 11.16.21

Account Management Business Reviews: Slides, 11.16.21

Candidate Supports

Upskilling Candidates, 5.24.22

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Checklist, 9.21.21

Management Best Practices

Compensation & Commission Structures, 4.25.23

Best Practices, Internal Staff Hiring, 3.14.23

Internal Staff Compensation Structures, 8.2.22

Accessing Debt Capital, 6.28.22

Risk Management & Building a Safety Culture, 4.26.22

Building an Effective Management Team, 3.29.22

Measuring Success

Measuring Success: KPIs, 2.23.21

Pricing Strategies + Techniques

Pricing Strategies & Methodologies, 5.23.23

Best Practices Account Reviews, 10.4.22

Pricing Strategies and Techniques: Notes, 8.10.21

Pricing Strategies and Techniques: Slides, 8.10.21

Profit + Loss Statement Review

Profit and Loss Statement Review, 4.6.21

Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Recruitment Marketing, 11.7.23

Strategies to Engage with Referral Partner Organizations, 2.22.22

Digital Recruitment Marketing Strategies: Key Takeaways, 6.15.21

Digital Recruitment Marketing Strategies: Notes, 6.15.21

Sales Strategies

Sales Refresher, 10.10.23

Selling to State & Local Government, 8.22.23

Sales Messaging, 6.13.23

Managing Long Sales Cycles, 2.14.23

DEI as a Sales Differentiator, 11.15.22


Artificial Intelligence, 7.18.23

Tech Issues and Solutions, 12.6.22

Digital Transformation: 5 Critical Considerations for Success: Notes, 10.19.21

Digital Transformation: 5 Critical Considerations for Success: Slides, 10.19.21

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