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Staffing Industry Data

Alternative Staffing Sector

The Alternative Staffing Alliance tracks staffing organizations’ annual performance data, including business and employment outcomes, to establish operational benchmarks and measure the sector’s aggregate impact. Annual Performance Survey reports beginning in 2007 are available for download in the Member Toolbox.

U.S. Staffing Industry

2019 North American Staffing & Recruiting Trends Report, Bullhorn annual survey

The American Staffing Association publishes an annual economic analysis of the US staffing industry, including temporary help, contract staffing and placement services. These reports offer a comprehensive look at the national industry’s size, performance and future outlook:

American Staffing 2018  Staffing Industry Playbook
American Staffing 2017  Staffing Industry Playbook
American Staffing 2016  How Much Runway Remains?
American Staffing 2015  Steady Growth Continues
American Staffing 2014  The Climb Continues
American Staffing 2013  Navigating the One Percent Economy

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