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EMBERS Staffing Solutions

Marcia Nozick, CEO

Parent organization: EMBERS

Staffing business began: 2008


Job seeker focus: People with disabilities, Returning citizens, People experiencing homelessness, Long-term unemployed, People in recovery from addiction, Refugees; Immigrants; Older workers

Range of candidates managed weekly: 225-300

Staffing services: Day labor, Temp, Temp-to-hire, Payrolling

Industries served: Warehouse/logistics, Construction, Events

Priority goals in next year: Expansion to two new offices in the region. Developing a Professional Construction Division (EMBERS Pro) that offers reliable, highly skilled workers and charges more. Diversify our portfolio to include hospitality. Upgrade our software applicant tracking system so that it can be used with a phone app to put in job orders, placement, timecard tracking, etc.

Biggest operating challenges: Maintaining a high quality, reliable workforce while trying to employ high risk individuals whose lives are often in a state of upheaval and instability. Many of our employees don’t have working phones, so communication is a major challenge. Information management internally is a huge challenge, with a daily churn of people coming and going to different sites, being let go, not showing up, not handing in time sheets, knowing where people are at any one time is a challenge.

What about your business makes you most proud? Changing people’s lives. There are hundreds of stories of people who, because of having a job,a future and people who believe in them, have gone from living on the streets to where they are working steady, reconnected with family, are living helathy and earning $50K+. The transformative power of work.

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