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Project Return

Brandi Ricciardone, Senior Transitional Employment Manager

Parent Organization: Project Return

Staffing business began: 2013


Job seeker focus: Returning citizens

Range of candidates managed weekly: 25-53

Staffing services: Temp-to-hire, Work crews

Industries served: Manufacturing, Warehouse/logistics

Priority goals in next year: Increasing the number of participants in our program that utilize our staffing business. Increase the number of employment partners and diversity of industries we use for job placements.

Biggest operating challenges: Many of our participants are experiencing instability in many facets of their lives and this can be challenging when factors such as homelessness or medical/mental health concerns continue to impede their progress and our ability to provide stable employment.

What about your business makes you most proud? Participants in our program that utilize our staffing business and the intensive support we provide are less likely to return to incarceration or receive an additional charge. Project Return is systematically decreasing the recidivism rate in our community, state and nation. Our staffing business contributes to the success of our program and provides an immediate opportunity for participants to start living their free and full life.

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