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AlliedUP combines quality staffing jobs with worker-ownership

May 26, 2021

Alliance member AlliedUP is a new worker-owned, union-affiliated staffing company with a mission to employ allied healthcare professionals for life. The company recruits and places allied healthcare workers with hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, and offers employees union scale wages and benefits, training and upskilling opportunities, and an equity stake to earn annual dividends and build wealth over time.

Allied health professions encompass a broad range of clinical, administrative, and support positions from medical assistant to health information technician to behavioral health coordinator. AlliedUp is partnering with training provider Futuro Health, which delivers both pre-placement and continuing skills training to support career entry and advancement.

Through its combination of quality jobs, ongoing training opportunities, and cooperative ownership structure, AlliedUP expects to increase worker retention, improve patient outcomes, and raise living standards for thousands of women of color, including single parents, who dominate this workforce.

AlliedUp began operating in January and is led by CEO Carey Carpineta, a professional with 18 years' prior industrial staffing experience at EmployBridge, LLC. Carey is keenly aware of how workers’ financial and emotional stability affect their job retention and is deeply committed to AlliedUp’s worker-centered approach.

Worker-ownership in the staffing industry is an uncommon but promising model. Alliance member Staffanation in Fairfield, Ohio was acquired by Tim Rettig in early 2020 with the explicit intention to scale the business to a size where it can implement an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Meanwhile, as Interim Owner, Tim immediately introduced democratic governance practices and open-book management toward building an ownership culture. In addition, his team includes a Dream Coach to help temporary workers set and achieve their future goals.

Burnett Specialists, a conventional staffing firm based in Texas became 100% employee-owned in 2010 and today is the 18th largest ESOP in America. Burnett extends ownership opportunities to administrative employees as well as “temporary” staffing associates and finds its culture of transparency and “owners’ mindset” a distinct advantage.

We welcome AlliedUP to our network and look forward to future lessons learned about this innovative business model!

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